Ruslan Pavlovskiy


Ok, here we go, as you all know it is unspeakably hard for one to write about oneself because there is always a feeling present that one is bragging about oneself. I will try to describe myself my ambitions and my life in a best way possible. Well first of all I am a dedicated follower of Christ. I try to live my life in accordance to the Bible by studying and implementing it in my everyday life. That is my primary role besides which I have many others. I am also a student at Clark College, getting ready to graduate next fall with a major in Network Administration. Last three years I was slowly working on that, trying to fit my work, church and school into so short weeks. I honestly sometimes wondered why weeks were designed with only seven days in them; I think that it would be very cool if each week had like 10 days in it. Ok back to the topic; one of my other roles is that I deliver lost luggage, and I do it at night. I sleep in a period from where I come from work and go to college. Usually I get pretty good sleep, but once in a while I have a night of only four or five hours of sleep. Another role that I occupy is a leader of a small cell group called “streams of life”, to which this website is dedicated. I guess you get the overall picture of who I am and what I do. I also have many interests but perhaps I will elaborate on them some time later.


May 12 2009

Here is another weird picture i took at Vancouver lake park this Saturday, I thought I would share it with you. It has something to it, just look a the grass it is so green and pointy. Don’t look at it too much thou you might get dizzy 🙂


April 28 2009

Today I was walking in our collge and saw this spectacular view of cherry trees blossoming. I thought I should post it here for all of you to see my experience.  Photobucket Photobucket


2 responses

18 04 2009

Ruslan, its been a pleasure meeting you. The fact is everyone knows of everyone else, but is what we know true of them who we think of?

i think, we can be wrong about knowing!

23 04 2009

Wow, such a philosophical idea. I had to read it twice to follow through, how is your foot Vitaliy?

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