Vitaliy Syulyukov

My name is Vitaliy Syulyukov and I have been a member of streams of life for many years. I grew up in a christian family. Our family Immigrated to the United States and currently live in Washington. I have always had a curiosity toward life and consider myself a seeker. I like challenging questions and I love arguments. Constructive or not, there is enlightenment behind disagreement and that is probably why I enjoy it so much. After graduating from Evergreen HS I attended Clark and Portland Community College’s, I earned a two year degree in Medical Laboratory Technology. In a couple years I hope to be going back to school and continue to work in medicine. I currently work for Sea Mar Clinic, a not for profit organization based only in the state of Washington. The Clinic serves the underserved communities, most of our patients are non-native to the United States and live anywhere from 200 percent below to just below the poverty line. I’m very involved in patient care, and I enjoy working with people who are struggling, it makes my job easier when I’m happy to be there. For play, I am an avid volleyball player, and I can definitely enjoy a ping pong game. I rent a room with my brother who is married with two kids, this scenario makes me feel a lot like a parent, but I do enjoy it. I take interest in non-fiction books, mountain biking, snowboarding and other recreational activities. Streams of Life has been an amazing opportunity for me to connect and grow as a Christian.


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