This blog belongs to cell group named Streams of Life from Church of Grance in Portland OR.  Our cell group has history of growth and multiplication, God led us through many things and still leading us in our ministry.


Our vision is to bring forth new leaders who are selfmotivated and have strong foundation in faith based on Biblical teaching. We also share vision of our youth which is:
50 people for christ.
Personal spiritual growth of every member of our youth.
Equip our members to reach people for Christ.


5 responses

12 06 2008
Alina Y

Wow this is so cool, you guys have your OWN website. I like it a lot! Better than our youth website because here the picture gallery actually WORKS. Nice job guys! =)

27 01 2009

Haha. Yes, but don’t be hating on our youth site Alina! lol.

6 05 2009

Church Of Grace is great I’m happy i started going there and becoming involved in youth and yacheika!
God Bless

6 05 2009

God bless youth is amazing

8 05 2009

Awesome I am glad you guys like our youth. 🙂

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