Yacheika June 18 2010

13 06 2010

This Friday our yacheika will be at Jenya Ignatovich’s place at 7 p.m. As usual if any of you need a ride or directions let me know and please bring something eatable with you as you come. Sorry there won’t be any soccer for me on Friday as I am recovering from recently rolled ankle. Thanks.


Youth Camp this Summer

13 06 2010

Here is an advertisement for the Youth Camp that is going to be this summer in Molala.

6 flags last year

12 06 2010

Here is a video from trip to 6 flags from last year. We have the first seat on the Medusa ride.

Boot Camp

12 06 2010

Unfortunately boot camp has been canceled this year, I am looking forward to it next year.

Yacheika 11 Jun 2010

11 06 2010

Today our yacheika will be helping out with remodeling in church. We have to do a major step in construction of new GYM cafe. I will be there most of the day today therefore there is no specific time of meeting. If any of you need a ride let me know. Thanks.