Trip to Kahneetah May 2 2009

25 04 2009

A reminder to you all that this upcoming Saturday on May 2nd we are going to Kahneetah with our yacheika, everyone else is invited as well. We are planing to leave from church at 10 a.m. we are planing to come back around 6 p.m.  It costs $10 to enter the pool, plus another $4 to enter the water slide; but if we have more than 10 people we will strike a bargain and perhaps reduce the price to $10 water slide and pool together.


Yacheika May 1 2009

25 04 2009

Our next yacheika will be at a park. We are not sure which park exactly but one of the options we are considering is to make it at happyvaley park. Although we are still thinking about that, and we will have to consider how weather turns out.

Youth Service Modified April 12 2009

9 04 2009

As Easter comes many youth members celebrate it Sunday nigh with their families. Thus we decided instead of our youth service to make a special Easter celebration program.  This celebration will be held at lower auditorium in our church on 62 nd and Foster .  Happy Easter, Christ has risen !!!

Yacheika canceled April 10 2009

9 04 2009

Our yacheika will be canceled this week due to the fact that we have too many things going on in our youth and church. On Friday we have people gather at our church at 5 p.m. to give away invitations to the neighbors around our church to invite them to Easter Kinds celebration. Everyone is welcome, also there is youth worship group sing practice on Friday at 7 p.m.

T-shirt design contest

3 04 2009

As it has been announced at our leaders meetings past weeks, we are conducting a T-shirt design contest for our youth t-shirt. There are two options available for acquiring a design and two different rewards granted. First you can find a t-shirt at and submit it and should we choose that design for our youth t-shirt we will grant you a free t-shirt once our order goes through. The other option is to create your own original design, and if we choose your design to be printed as our youth t-shirt we will grant you financial reward in the amount of $50. Please send all of your design to Also the dead line has been extended until the next Sunday.