We have visitors coming from Seattle.

4 06 2008

Another anouncement is that we have visitors coming over from seattle, they will be here on saturday, spend the night here and will particpate in church service.


Yacheika on June 6 2008

4 06 2008

Hey everyone, sorry it has been a long time since I’ve posted anything in here.  Here is an update on our yacheika goings, this week our yacheika will most likely go roller blading, unless weather will turnout good, then we will meet in a park, which park I will tell you all later.  The reason for this kind of yacheika (eather in park or at rollerblading place) is because we all have to be in church by 9 p.m. on friday to participate in church prayer.  So see you all on friday, well some of you on thursday.