Shift in direction

15 05 2008

Hey everyone, I just wanted to ask your opinion about the way this website is going. I know a lot of good links to Christian music, videos, wallpapers. Do you guys and gals think it would be suitable to post such material here, or should we keep this site only for announcements. Please let me know your feedback in comments of this post. Thanks to all who cares enough to coment.


Extended Leaders Meeting

15 05 2008

This is to announce that we will have extended leaders meeting this Thursday, tomorrow that is. Therefore if you attend our youth services and want to contribute your ideas you are welcome. We will gather in pastor’s office at 8:30. To those of you who have taken books to read, I hope you’ve read them because it is time to bring them back and get new ones; so please bring your books with you tomorrow. Thanks everyone.

Yacheika on May 16 2008

12 05 2008

Hello everyone, this Friday we will have our yacheika in grasham “Main City Community Park” it is located on powel blvd in downtown Grasham.  We will gather there at 5 p.m.; we will start disscusion at little later in the evening therefore bring your Bibles. I am still thinking of a topic, but it is most likely be “How to reduce the gap between what we know and what we do”.  Please bring food with you, and see you all there.  Here is directions from I-205 to those who need them, if anyone of you needs a ride let me know.  Thanks once again.



Yacheika May 9th.

7 05 2008

Hello everyone, this friday we might have yacheika with vefil somwhere in the park.  But it is still uncertain, so I will come back with more details futher in the week, probably on wednesday or latest thursday.