Yacheika on May 2 2008

30 04 2008

Hey everyone this I hope you all enjoyed the 10 year church anniversary celebration last week end. This weekend our yacheika will meet at Nicks house, they live somewhere on Burnside st. I will come back with directions shortly. Thanks for leaving comments everyone. As promised here is the directions:

From Church

From Vancouver, coming from north

From Gladston, coming from south


Yacheika 04/11/08

9 04 2008

Hello everyone, this week we were suposed to have our yacheika at Spolitak Yevgeniys house but we moved it to the next week.  Since this week church is conducting a series of seminars with Curry Blake.  Therefore this friday we will be meeting at church at 7:00 p.m. on one of his seminars.  If you need a ride please let me know.

Thanks everyone.

Extended leaders meeting.

5 04 2008

This week on Thursday April 10 2008 we will have leaders meeting; all of people who attend our youth and who want to actively pariticipate in our youth movement are invited.  I will send additional text messages to remind you guys.  Thanks for your attention and see you on thursday at 8:30 p.m.